Wingnut Wings: 1/32; Hannover Cl.II (Early)

Wingnut Wings: 1/32; Hannover Cl.II (Early)
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Cod. art.: WNW32079
scala: SCALA 1:32 (54mm)
materiale: plastica
Disponibilità: disponibile

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Scala 1:32
prodotto da assemblare e da dipingere. Colori e colla non forniti. -261 high quality injection moulded plastic parts. -16 photo-etched metal detail parts. -Highly detailed 23 part Argus As.III engine. -Optional propellers, radio, cameras, radiators, ailerons, small bombs and diorama accessories. -28 page fully illustrated instruction manual. -3 high quality Cartograf decal sheets including all new fitted lozenge camouflage and markings for 5 colour schemes; A = Hannover Cl.II 9276/17 "White 5", H Bronner, Royal Bavarian Schusta 27b, late 1917 to early 1918 B = Hannover Cl.II 9280/17 "Comet", Grönhagen? & J Gfrör, FA (A) 282, November 1917 C = Hannover Cl.II 9301/17 "White 4", J Missfelder, Royal Prussian Schusta 12, March 1918 D = Hannover Cl.II 9398/17 "2", JKH Müller & A Zitzelsberger, Royal Bavarian Schusta 24b, March 1918 E = Hannover Cl.II (Rol) 622/18 "White 2", Bayerische-Fliegerschule 5, mid to late 1918