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SPECIAL HOBBY: 1/32; AH-1G Cobra ‘Marines/US Navy’ Hi-Tech Kit

SPECIAL HOBBY: 1/32; AH-1G Cobra ‘Marines/US Navy’ Hi-Tech Kit
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Cod. art.: SH32086
scala: SCALA 1:32 (54mm)
materiale: plastica
Disponibilità: non disponibile


The high-quality ICM AH-1G Cobra release comes now to you joined by a number of resin parts, etches and parts made by direct 3D print. All these extras give both the cockpit and exterior of the kit much more detail, resulting in a really top-notch release which deserves nothing but the Hi-Tech label. The kit also contains a set of pre-cut masks which is designed to be applied on the glazing both on the inside and outside. The decals cater for three Marine options and one flown by the US Navy. Two of the machines took part in the Vietnam War.
- Superb resin parts, 3D-printed details, masks, photo-etches plus pre-painted etches, all this galore joins the styrene items of the original ICM AH-1G kit
- Decals for three Marines and one US Navy machines, servicing stencils included
- Interesting colour schemes.

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