BOLT ACTION: 28mm; Fanteria Polacca (20 miniature)

BOLT ACTION: 28mm; Fanteria Polacca (20 miniature)
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Cod. art.: WGB-PI01
scala: SCALA 28mm/1:56
materiale: metallo
Disponibilitā: disponibile

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SCALA 28mm
prodotto da assemblare e da dipingere. Colori e colla non forniti.

The Polish army that fought and died so bravely in 1939 was large, well-officered and relatively well equipped. It fought hard, but was entirely outmanoeuvred by fast moving German armoured thrusts supported by all arms in a new dynamic style of war that a largely foot slogging army could not match. When the Russians stabbed
them in the back, dividing Poland into two, it was all too much for an already over extended army short of armour and air support and the end was inevitable.
That being said there were many desperate actions fought where the Poles fought the invaders to a standstill, and the stolid infantry held their ground and their dashing cavalry caught the enemy napping.
This box contains 24 models with a classic rifle section and their accompanying Browning Automatic Rifle. To take control of the action we also include a command group with a young junior officer, NCO, runners and the Polish deadly anti-tank rifle.
Boxed set containing 24 metal miniatures


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